Long Day

It started as a normal day. I got up, got ready, made breakfast, rushed off to office.
It was a slow morning in office as well. Same daily routine. Sam trying to flirt. Ms. Rachel showing off her new earrings to Ms. Phoebe. Jack having his regular fifth cup of coffee.
It was just any other morning in office.
But then at around noon, there was a huge noise outside. It was really loud.
Everyone got up from their chairs and started looking around.
We looked from the north-west corner of the office, there was a huge spaceship hovering over the buildings on 5th Avenue.
And there was dark green beam of light going from the bottom of it to the top of the building.
I was scared. We all were.
Then I looked down on the street people were running and shouting.
Every one in office got panicked and started running out of the office.
I stood there dead scared, frozen; unable to think or act.
Then I realised someone is calling my name, I tried to pay attention to the sound and then I saw that it was John calling my name to get attention, trying to get me to the exit.
And before I could move, floor below me vanished and I started falling.
I tried desperately to get hold of something to stop myself from falling but all in vain.
Then I hit water and I started coughing as water enters through nostrils and mouth.
Bringing to my senses that I have been in the pool at this very fine evening and dozed off after a long and boring day at the office.
Though it was just a dream but an adventurous one!

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