Crissy Medley

Getting section8 apartment

Been trying since august 2019. Kicked out VMC by:Stephina Mayes, I went five times to VMC after rehab which stephina Mayes claimed if I went I would come out and have apartment. She lied about that and kicking me out program was because she claimed I had not been to VMC which I had five times, each time she was not at work. So then KARM mission took two day to get me is to go in mission. I never did get I’d to date. Also KCDC sent email on April 17 2020 saying I was going get apt. In cagle Terrance apt. Then I waited month not hearing anything I called both apt. And KCDC which said no apt would be available for at least two years . Now I wait on section8 I paid all dues and two months rent in may but it June 11 2020 and I am still homeless. Well I’m wanting sue. What do you think I should do?

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