fadeelah sambo

Wedding Or Marriage Part 01

“A’ah...” I said adjusting my lying position to face my younger cousin sister Nooriyyah “... I just didn’t get this whole scenario, do you mean to say....” I added but before I could finish she rose to a more sitting position and cut me by saying “Ya Deelah, understand it this way...” she gave me serious look this time and continued “Habby said he’s handsome and someone she can stay with as a husband because he’s capable of providing her basic necessities and also he can give her the kind of wedding she’s been dreaming of” with a smile, it hit me so hard in the head and I though I started to understand where Habiba, my younger cousin’s best friend has come from and where she was going to but me being me decided to dug in and enquired more “okay if I understand you, she want someone that’ll give her the kind of dreamy wedding she’s been dreaming of, just dream wedding?” I asked using my two fingers to quote “just dream wedding” “No Ya Deelah!” She answered almost agitated “Its nothing like that” she added, “She just want the kind or even a better wedding Amina had” “Who is Amina?” i asked “oh Ya Deelah you mean to say you don’t know of Amina’s wedding? Amina Dangiwa fa?” She looked at me unbelievably and at the same time shocked “I don’t” I replied nonchalantly. “She’s very popular on Instagram, I wonder how you don’t know her...lemme show you her wedding pictures and videos” she said while stretching her hand to reach her phone “She even opened an Instagram account for the wedding with K followers” she continued putting more emphasis on the K followers as she passed me the phone after she opened Amina’s wedding page on Instagram “Oh wow! What a beautiful bride” I kept saying as I scrolled down watching the photos and videos in amazement “Masha Allah” I continued with a smile on face. She looked at me with a big grin on her face and said “I know you’ll be amazed with this whole thing” smiling and satisfied we’ve arrived almost at the same page, she continued as she left me with a hanged mouth down her phone as i looked at the videos and pictures “To kinga irin bikin da zamuyi” she said cutting me off-guard, i kept her phone on her lap and said sternly “But Nooriyyah, Habiba’s parents are not this rich to start with” I queried point my finger to the direction of her lap where I kept her phone “But Ahmed Maitaya is” she poured in braggingly shaking her whole body, I opened my eyes wide and asked her “By Maitaya, do you mean the maitaya I know?” “Yes yes shi fa” she said picking up her phone as a message beeped in “But I thought she’s together with Umar” I asked more of trying to make sure if its even the Habiba I used to know, and she gave me a look that Is saying I-wish-I-could-beat-you-blue-black,then she replied almost tired of talking to me as she sees I was not ready to go with their flow “uhmm... she gave him a red card, almost over two months now I guess” and goes back to pressing her phone which shows she knows what I was going to say and she doesn’t want to hear more. I wanted to ignore the topic too but I managed to asked “Does it mean she has been cheating on Umar or what? “No” she chirped in before I finished “She met Ahmed some one and a half or 2months ago” she added, rising up from a more sitting position with shock I asked “and she’s already seeing someone and even talking about wedding events?” I gave her a serious look “Advice her as a friend to study him first and not be in haste to marry him” “Too late Ya Deelah, their wedding’s already fixed and its in 8 weeks time” she said smirking “Subhanallah!” I said and added with “Allah ya kaimu ya bada zaman lafia” “Ameen” she replied as we both rose to pray Zuhr prayer.

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