Cris Medley

Jaden Lilly

What do ya think about 39 year old addict. I am her. Lord Jesus saved me at 12 years old, same year my mom came back in my life after almost five years. she had two boys while she was on run with my dad, who was a child molester. He was convicted on my testimony when i was seven years old. My mother gave me my first pill and as she did- she told me this will never let you down. She said everyone else will but pills give you what you need to do what you have to to survive.
Now all these years later i am wishing she had never came back . My dad now out prison, but I am on my second divorce and had three children and just getting apartment, after five years homeless. I was parting it up under a bridge near homeless shelter in knoxville Tennessee. Knoxville being biggest city i ever been in. The only cityI ever lived in except the sleepy town of doubleL capitol of America. But double L’S ( attend) is another story.
I write this as i say in my friend/dealer / crack head garage. I am sitting here thinking of all the cash he owes me and how much i invested tonight but i am straight and thinking oh shit he got me again. My second husband soon be ex second husband sits at my apartment waiting on me.
I am thinking of my daughter as my friend/crack head blows me shotgun .i got call from girl wanting trade me weed for crack and i got put story on hold message her back so to be continued..........

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