Her eyes flick between her husband and his girlfriend, trying not to cry. 16 year old June was beautiful, with dark hair and bright red lips, with rosy cheeks to match. She’d kept every boy in the town on their toes, hoping to get a chance to marry the sweet girl. Her father decided she’d be marrying the boy next door, with the rich mansion and the stacks of money. He was cute, with light brown hair and grayish-greenish eyes. June thought he was sweet, but now she thought he could die and she wouldn’t care.
“I’ll hate you until the day I die, John Wilkes!” She cried, grabbing her red skirts, she stomped away into the forest.
“Wait, June! Please dear, I love you, I don’t love her.” He yelled, grabbing her arm, her eyes flicking back to the heartbroken girl. She was 20, and still hadn’t found a beau, and there goes this pretty thirty year old man who seemed to love her.
“Of course not! You’ll marry this girl, and you’ll give her everything she wants or I’ll have my father slit every single one of your pig, chicken, and cows throats!” She cried, yanking her arm free and running to the beautiful forest. She walked slowly down the trees, smiling at the small raccoons and kittens that looked at her through the trees. A dark hooded figure peeked through the trees, and she hadn’t noticed. I’ll spare you the details, but a angry Willam Wilkes, John’s sixty year old father, killed June. Her father got him arrested, but not before he slit all the animals throats and beat up John and his “ugly wife”, as he put it.
“If that girl was my daughter, I’d leave. Poor June, she was prettier then that absolute idiot girl, what’s her name? May belle? Ugly name for a ugly girl!” June’s father roared in court, making May Belle burst into hot tears. He got two days in jail before the court let them out, John getting hung. Two days later after court, May Belle died “from the stress”, John put it.

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