Saunette Sanderson

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Ashes ashes we all fall D
“Ain’t that song a a little foreboding?” Jax “huh” Jin
“Ashes, why not snow or gold?” Jax “what does that have to do with the price of rice?” Jin “Jax do you even remember why we are out here,in red dresses with, half white sleeves” Jin “ Yes to clear the woods and claim the path as a safe place for high anarchistic such as yourself” Jax “Why then, Why must you try and make small talk about children’s rhymes”Jin. “Why do I, a high anarchist have to trudge out here in this so called forest in this ghastly red dress, and put up with this wghbhb grumble, grumble” Jin “Hey If you’ve got something to say to me ,say it to my face Jin Jin” Jax.

Jax : Cloak, 14 human female POC

Jin: Red dress 14, hybrid raven and crow POC

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