Danielle Nicole Ewen

A dogs journey home

One day a dog went out for a stroll around its neighbourhood when it suddenly got lost because the dog went a different way then it usually did and ended up 2000 miles from its home where she lives with her 3 human family members who love her very much . The dogs name is honey . So honey had to use her strong nose to sniff her way back home back in Sydney Australia . On honeys first day of trying to get home she walked for most of the day until her paws were tired so she had to find a place that was wam and comfortable for her to rest but she also had to find food and water . Luckily for honey she bumped into a nice lady who let her spend the night with her . Then the next day honey left the nice lady’s house and continued her journey home by this time she was almost half way home . At around lunch time honey happened to hitch a ride on a train for most of her way then she had to walk the last few hours til she got home to her family who were happy to have their favourite dog home safe and sound and they gave her lots of cuddles and gave her a big drink of water and a nice meal after her long journey .honey was happy to be home . The end

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